• faithfreedoom

    Faithfreedom is billion dollar long term program supported by international christian organization and some American ‘non-profit’organization like USAID (this also provide financial support to local liberal ‘Islamic’ organization, but 20 times to Christian organization to make bad information about Islam).

    It is estimated as high as 1 billion USD to help such activities (online and offline activities in parallel) including proposal in degrading some countries like degrading down Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia. However as usual they didn’t admit this sum of finance and program, they usually promote their support for ‘Islamic’ organization program. They will support to promote their country-link like Israel, Singapore, United States. Their programs are also supported by international oil companies which have interest to seize any chunk of oil resources all around the world.

  • Halah… maaf mas faithfreedom, sayah kagak ngerti bahasa inggrisnya.

    Nutur nuhunn…