Chat with Capitalist

I chat with capitalist, here the story.

Today, I have problem with one of my clients server. Before, I hosted their domain same with my project domain “” because she just bought domain name for his web not the hosting. So, because she is my friend also someone who loved by my best friend then I have to do the best as name as my friends. So, I put her domain together with my project domain.

The trouble is beginning since May. This month my annually contract with vexxhost hosting is over, and I do not want to extend the contract because the billing so high, about $60 per years. I have no more money for pay this. My money has been spend to buy Ubuntu Jacket about $65, paid the debt and renew McAfee Anti Virus license about $70, and other.

So I have to move her domain into new server. I asked Bang Pmen and he allow me to share on his server. But the problem is not too easy.

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