Problem Solved

Do you remember what I told you a few days ago? About Chat with capitalist.

Now, the problem has been solved by myself. Last night, I had a briliant idea. Why I did not use my Virtual Private Server (VPS) as agent to backup and restore the databases and all files? The VPS has very fantastic connection than Telkom Speedy.

I search in Google how to backup and restore database using Secure SHell (SSH) Connection.

The first I did is make mysql connection allow to remote access, so in cpanel I click “remote database” button then input IP Address of my VPS. After I have done then I open my ssh using PuTTY. On my root server, I type this command

mysqldump oralpc_wrdp3 -u oralpc_wrdp3 -pzdthm147%4G -h > /var/www/download/sastra.sql

I was waiting about 15 minutes because the databases is so high, about 45 Mega Bytes.

After all database backup has been completed, I go to my new server as new hosting for my client web. I went to the cpanel and did as what I did before. I make the sql server allow my vps to make remote connection.

mysql sastra_wrdp3 -u sastra_wrdp3 -p123qweASD!@ -h < /var/www/download/sastra.sql

Make sure your new server has been set all privilages to the user sastra_wrdp3 for sastra_wrpd3’s database.

Then, all problem solved !!!

Now, time to go sleep.