My 1st English Post

Actually, this is my 1st english post in this blog. As I thought, I never post english in this blog except lyrics or quoted.

Now, I am trying to improve my english with speaking and writing in english. I have no problem with reading like I got some problem with listening. Actually, the voice I usually hear in movies not similar with I listen on TOEFL test. I got bit confuse with TOEFL listening section. And the other problems are speaking and listening which I want to solve.

My recent TOEFL score is 483, and my target not below 550. I have gone to course for 2 months and upgraded my TOEFL score in 400 to 483. I thought its a big jump for me. What should I do for more upgrade? I have to upgrade to 570 before last May, because one of requirement to get the scholarship is my TOEFL score not below 570.

What should I do to get my target are:
– read The Jakarta Post every day
– listen 1 movies with english subtitle and no subtitle every day
– listen radio of VOA
– read english novel (Thanks God for iBooks on my iPhone, I could read many books from there)
– etc